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adopt at least one child

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so sunday i am going over my “budget” and what i need to start saving for the future … the main reason that has gotten me on this path is i am 26 and when i turn 30 i seriously want to start looking at adoption options. BUT i can’t do that if i don’t have the savings and income needed. planning ahead. always a good thing!

at least one chid

every since i use to work for alameda county adoption unit i swore that i would adopt a child. it’s so sad to see the struggle the go through and the wait that they have to indure. i’m not sure if i want to do a domestic adoption, just because i would be affraid that the biological parent would come back and say hey i want a shot at raising my own kid, and the way our system is so screwed up the would let them. i dont think that my heart could endure that. if not a domestic adopotion then definatly somewhere from my heritage, mexico or spain

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