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be happy

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things are starting to look up

afterr a long episode of depression, self doubt and pretty much feeling like absolute and utterr shitt i’m finally starting to realise things aren’t so bad!

true happiness is just around the cornerr c:


i can’t be happy when i am so close to tears.
it’s just not working.
once something good happens another thing comes along and tears me down.
and i don’t know how to get out of this rutt.
happiness is not achievable.
i don’t get it.


pretty content and happy right now xD

finished all assignments and tests for the term and now it’s holiday time!!!



can’t be happy… too much shitt in the world.


i thought going out partying, and being off my face would make me happier… i don’t know why.. maybe so i could be ‘coolerr’ i guess… but now i just feel like shitt… because my parents didn’t know. and i’m pretty sure the feeling i have now… is not happiness!
this goal is impossible!


how one thing can turn your life upside down..
from being totally happy with not a care in the world.
to being the most depressed sad little f*ck.

but i always have a support system to keep me happy again xD

i don’t think this goal can everr be totally reached.


the main root of my unhappiness is the way i feel about myself.

i just want to find a way to feel happy about everything. just seems like a lost cause at the moment though.

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