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Start a Buddy Check 12 team here on 43things, in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Do your self-exam the 12th of every month.

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I am back

and all clear! Sorry to be absent for the past months but either I had my period on the 12th or I was out of the country so I did it later. BUT I did it anyway! I am much more aware thanks to Cheryls action here and I really would like to make even more young women aware so still thinking about some sort of action that I could use when I do trainings. I have the people there, now I only need a good way to bring it in and make them do it too. To be continued! Just for you to know that the fact taht I am quiet does not mean I am not involved because I am!

all clear!

Did it this morning after my period of last week and everything is good! So one woman in Antwerpen did it and is clear! Just thinking I should try to get a lot more women in my neigbourhood and family to do it! Will think of a strategy on paper because most of them are not using computers or in my neigbourhood not even speaking dutch or english…

This is a great initiative!

Wow, this is just great! I need to do this because I have genetic risk in my family! So this team and this reminder system will do the trick for sure! But I surely hope that nobody of our growing team will find anything! Let’s also go for a cancer free world!:-)

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