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be healthier

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to nobody’s greater surprise than my own, i’ve been working out every other day for almost two weeks now. despite loathing gyms, weights, weight machines or paying attention to any of that sort of thing at all, it only took three sessions before i felt uncomfortable with the idea of missing a day for a function i had to attend. my shoulder doesn’t ache as much, and i think i might be growing a muscle. all very exciting.

i didn’t want to mention anything about this work-out business at first, because i wasn’t sure it would last. i guess i’m still not sure, i mean, normally i prefer to just do lots of things in my life and not get heart disease that way. the only thing is, i haven’t been doing lots of things. for a few years now. and let me tell you, it shows. a pair of pants i bought for work two summers ago, and still haven’t worn, have mysteriously shrunk while living in my closet and are now too small. so hi ho, hi ho it’s off to the gym i go.

despite my suspicion that all the animals in the world laugh at me whenever i mount my stationary bike.

silly fat humans.

i've started sprouting

i’m really pleased about this. sprouts seem like pretty much the healthiest thing you can eat. living food. i’ve lived around sprouts before, but have never been in charge of them, or the instigator of them. i’m a little freaked out about them harbouring bacteria and mold. i have this mold thing. it has taken me a while to warm up to mushrooms.

but so far, so good.

and the rinse water from the sprouts is doing wonders for the christmas cactus.

bellydancing was full!

oh no!

so i signed up for ballet. i took ballet for a month when i was six years old, and was kind of excited to see it offered at the Y. like being able to play the piano, ballet was something i had always wished i had been able to continue with. not to the point of ruining my toes and waddling for the rest of my life, but just, i don’t know, to the point of feeling like a pretty little girl. graceful and poised and strong.

instead i turned into a flatfooted, huge-toothed goober who talked to trees. oh well. anyway, last friday i went to beginner’s adult ballet and, oh my stars, it was hard-core! i’ve never clenched my ass for so long in my life! my calves are still sore! and this weird spot on the inside of my knees. i deny that there’s any muscle there, but jay says there is.

and it turns out i was one of only two beginners. there were two girls on point—little leaping fairy princesses in pink tights and black leotards, their legs scissoring in the air. their thighs the same width as their well-formed calves. they didn’t even look at me, lurching around like a maniac, and when we stretched at the bar, they folded in half backwards. the rest of the class was made of middle-aged women who had taken ballet before and so while they may no longer have had the bodies of ballerinas, they at least knew what the squeaking, crazed instructor was squealing. the instructor either spoke vaguely (“bring your toe to the thing”) or in french. i mean, she was very very sweet, but also kind of hysterical.

the other beginner and i wondered if we’d dance better in pink tights.

it was such a funny world to step into. i was raised by a single mother during my formative years, and have no brothers, but i never really spent time around flocks of girls, either. when all the girls in my class started writing in bubble letters, none of them would teach me how. when i signed up for belly dancing, and when i took flamenco, i was in this world of sensuality, rhythm, passion and emotion. ballet, though, is such a product of dominant european values. i mean, it’s a distillation of them to some respects. participating in the class felt both familiar and foreign. both attractive and repugnant.

to this end

we have taken out a family membership at the Y.

now let’s see if we go.

i’m excited about the half price dance classes.

and the free drop in classes of something called “Belly Fit: a robust combination of pilates and belly dancing” or something like that.

things are in need of a revamp

i’m going to consolidate a few of my goals—to give me wiggle room on my list, and to organise myself. so, for me, To Be Healthier is going to encompass, at first anyhow, these three primary components:

1) exercise regularly
2) take vitamins daily
3) drink enough water habitually

late late

for my sunday check-in.

this week i’m going to focus on taking my vitamins. i bought a big bottle of that floravit liquid iron suppliment because i’ve been having sugar cravings, and my mum always told me that this can be an iron issue. lacking iron and energy, the body tries to get a boost in the quickest way it can—sugar. anyway, i’m going to try to remember to take that, and my B12, every day.

also, i gave up chocolate for lent. and then accidentally baked a chocolate cake for dinner company. oops and duh. i didn’t have any, though, so i am a mighty viking.

break dancing

last night my “dancesport” teacher was ill, so we had a substitute. she was a 15 year old girl bent on teaching a room full of dumpy women over 30 how to break dance.

oh. my. god.

because i’m, oh, i don’t know, goofy and fairly immature, i often escape feeling “old” but not last night, letmetellyou.

i watched this little girl, a mere slip of a thing, like a fart in the mist she was, look at herself in the mirror and adjust her posture to look more appealing—a slight tilt of the head, a coquetteish widening of the eyes, before she led us through a two second warm up, and performed this crazy move (that entailed being on your * head * part of the time) once, then told us to do it while she stood there.

she obviously didn’t know the first thing about teaching, or have even the barest distant understanding of what it’s like to have joints that sometimes ache for no reason at all, and i probably should be mad at the Y for subjecting us to her, but still, i have to say, there was something mesmerizing about the whole evening. it crawled by with me in various painful and undignified poses and i couldn’t leave or give up.

i think the idea of leaving made me feel guilty. she had obviously been roped into this, and i imagined her being hurt if any of us left. so i stayed and let her hurt me instead.

the bonus is that i can now do the six step which should impress my 12 year old step son. :D

i don’t know if this makes me “healthier” or not, but it made me laugh and fall over, which was fun, at least!


i feel like i’m getting fat. and maybe old. i signed up
for two classes at the Y but so far the pounds haven’t been melting off, leading me to suspect that exercise doesn’t in fact work, and that i should just give up and eat more chocolates.

ok ok

i’m back from the land of sun and pineapple and have just signed up for two dance/fitness classes per week for the next six weeks. they’re cheap and fun, so hopefully that will keep me motivated.


i haven’t declared any goals for over a week. it’s not that i’ve given up on being healthier, it’s that i seem to find myself in hawaii, almost by happy accident, and somehow, this just feels healthier in and of itself.

i mean, how can eating a lot of fresh pineapple and swimming in the ocean not be good for you?

once i get back to gloomy victoria, sister city of vancouver, which has already received 1/3 of its yearly precipitation, it will become harder, once more, not to just sit inside, eating. that’s when i’ll start posting my weekly goals again, i think.

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