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I did something I feel really bad about. My friend complained about another friend of ours and I went and yelled at him. Now, I am seen as being nosy, and I feel terrible about it. I crossed the line, and I feel really shitty now. I thought it was better to tell him what bothers other people about him rather than have people talk about him behind his back. This line between doing the right thing and not crossing my line gets really gray. :-/


I always try to be good to everyone, and not let my first impressions prevent me from getting to know them better and better. Everyone can be annoying at some point, so I never let their annoyance get in the way. But because I tend to hang out with anyone, no matter how strange they look or how silly they may sound, one of my friends keeps saying i “attract annoying people” and she can’t understand why i bother to talk to these people. and this friend of mine thinks she’s super nice and whatever, but she judges people in one meeting. it makes me really sad that she thinks that because if i went with my first impression of her, i wouldn’t have bothered having a second conversation with her. should i tell her that next time?

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