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Anoschen in Fort Myers is doing 5 things including…

change my life

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I got rid of the stuff that I feel I’ve been doing good enough with.

Exercise more. DONE. I’ve been doing okay, actually. My arms & legs are getting more toned despite me eating ice cream. I must be doing something right. :P

De-clutter. In progress, slowly but steadily.

Save money. In progress. Shooting for 10%+ of what I earn (which still isn’t much). I have strange living arrangements that would allow me to save a good amount of my money.

The condo has not been redone, but I’ve decided to focus my finances elsewhere. And save some. It’s simply not a priority right now.

Be more creative. DONE. Going to try a different approach. I’m going to keep track of one creative thing I do every day. Because I have a lot of different interests, it shouldn’t be too hard to do at least one thing, but it’ll make me feel better to see it written down and done.

Driver’s license. Haven’t done much due to procrastination, messed up sleep schedules, and crazy near-floods. Excuses! This is another goal, though…so I’m going to say that I have, in fact, changed my life.

More friends. I’m starting class on Sept 21st, hopefully that will help me with this goal.

Better style. DONE. Not gonna buy new clothes until I wear or donate everything I have in my closet. This also helps my saving money goal. :)

When I think about it,

I’ve changed my life a lot in just the past year.

Back in early August ‘09, I was one of those kids who stayed at home, kept to myself, was lonely as hell, and never did much but fantasize about the future.

Now it’s almost August ‘10 and in that one year, I’ve…
-started a new and wonderful relationship (which really started the change for me)
-moved out of my parents’ house
-been to NYC, WV & Washington DC
-tried a bunch of new recipes and over 30 different foods
-opened up two bank accounts (checking & savings)
-worked (and still work) for two small businesses that I adore
-assisted in photographing several weddings & shoots w/ models
-taken on the duties of a housewife (minus any kids and the actual “wife” part)
-realized the value of a dollar
-become less wasteful and more environmentally friendly
-rid myself of the habit of picking at my skin
-gotten out of my comfort zone several times
-become far more confident, self-assured, hard-working, and motivated

This gives me a lot of hope for the next 12 months. :)

And more progress.

I got rid of the stuff that I feel I’ve been doing good enough with.

Exercise more. I exercised a LOT on my vacation to NY, not sure I can keep it up in FL…but I will certainly try.

De-clutter. Going to start bugging my boyfriend about this. Most of it is his stuff, and he’s been promising me he’ll clean up for weeks. I think now’s as good a time as ever…

Save money. Road trip was…well, restricted. We’re just going around FL now due to having less time than we thought. However, I’m definitely still providing some money for this. We ARE taking my car, after all…

Redo the condo. All wallpaper is torn down. Now I have to refinish the wall, and I need my boyfriend to teach me how to do that… This is where most of my energy has been concentrated since I returned from NY.

Be more creative. I’ve spent 3+ hours on writing in the past 4 days, and I’ve written over 12 poems in the past week or so. Writing’s going okay, and I’m not as much of a perfectionist as I once was. I haven’t actually done much else lately…but that’s okay. I have time.

Driver’s license. Failed the first test. Need more practice before I can attempt it again. I need to make changing lanes a smoother process and I need more practice in reverse. Also, I had no idea I would be tested on parking on a hill. I should figure out how to do that (...even though there are no hills in south FL).

More learning. I’m going to look up tutorials on hairstyles soon, cause I’m really bored with the same two looks. I’m going to ask my father to teach me how to change my oil sometime, too… I’ve been writing notes as a reminder for whenever I want to look something up later, too.

More friends. I’ve been talking to my old friends more and actually met someone new who seems really cool today. We’ll be working with a ton of new models soon, so maybe I can befriend one or more of them.

Better style. The lack of new clothes is really mostly a financial thing… None of my jeans fit me anymore (I’m too skinny now), so that at least gives me an excuse to get some clothes when I can. :)


Eat healthier. This has been great. I haven’t been eating mac & cheese & cake, I’ve been drinking a ton of water, and I’ve been cooking home-made meals more.

Exercise more. I exercised today! I realized I don’t need to go out to do exercise – I can run around here. It looks hilarious, sure, but I don’t care. It makes me feel better. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past few months. :)

De-clutter. This has actually been harder for me lately. Most of the stuff in here isn’t mine so I don’t feel right throwing it out. However, I’m doing what I can.

Save money. FINALLY, I’ve managed to do this. I’m going on a roadtrip that’ll be over 2000 miles total in August so I realized I need to start saving for it NOW.

Redo the condo. I’ve been tearing down wallpaper and cleaning… The usual. :) I caught up with laundry, which is good.

More communication. I’ve actually not been communicating much lately. I obviously speak to my boyfriend because he’s awesome and I live with him, but I haven’t even been calling home as much lately. As much as I love my parents, my mother’s been irritating me for the past few weeks. I don’t really talk to anyone else regularly.

Be more creative. I’ve been working on reviving one of my old novel ideas, and I modelled again the other day.

Less internet & less emphasis on electronics. I’ve been okay with this, but still not as good as I’d hoped.

Driver’s license. I’m ready to make my appt, after I practice parking just a little bit more.

More learning. I’ve learned quite a few things lately – Custom WB, some new stuff in Lightroom…

More friends. I’ve been trying to approach more people lately, though online. It’s a start, I guess!

Better style. Haven’t had the spare money to worry about this too much, but I have started wearing make-up more often.

Explore the area I live in more. Found 5! :) A beach that’s beautiful at night (near an amazing restaurant!), the local library, an outdoor mall not far from here, a gelato shop near my parents’ house, and the entire downtown historic district.

Be a bit more green. Haven’t made improvements with this, but I’m still keeping up with what I’ve been doing.

Been thinking about how to word all this,

and it just hit me.

Eat healthier. I want to make more home-made food and use less processed stuff. No more mac & cheese from boxes! :P

Exercise more. This is hard, simply because there isn’t much time…but I think my boyfriend & I can manage at least one bike ride every week. I’m not going to ask too much of us because that’ll just stress me out when we fail. We can work our way to more if need be.

De-clutter. I’ve really got to focus on this. I can move stuff that I don’t need back into my parents’ house for storage (winter clothes, misc electronics, etc). I should also be making more use of the storage unit across the hall. Be more organized.

Save money. Be smarter with purchase options. Look for cheaper alternatives. Buy in bulk when possible. Budget.

Redo the condo. One room at a time. It won’t hurt to start smaller and work from there.

More communication. This doesn’t mean just being more open & honest, but talking with more people in general. Less Facebook, Email, & IM – and more phone and being in person.

Be more creative. There are tons of helpful things I can do while exercising my creativity at the same time. I’m sure I can add to this later.

Less internet & less emphasis on electronics. My laptop died a few months ago and at the time, I was devastated. I kept saying that all of my writing & miscellaneous creative work just vanished. Well, next time I’m going to back it up… but I shouldn’t have EVERYTHING on the computer anyway, I realized.

Driver’s license. I need to be more independent. Enough said.

More learning. I had this problem where I wouldn’t let myself learn. I’m a perfectionist, and because I hated whatever I was starting on, I’d want to give up. I can’t do this anymore. More research, tutorials, determination, and hard work will get me places with this goal.

More friends. This kind of ties in with the communication. I know some people I could be friends with, I just have to make an effort, I think.

Better style. This will lead to more confidence – but new clothes aren’t a priority at this point in time.

Explore the area I live in more. I always complain that this area sucks…and while it does at times, I’ve found some interesting things since I’ve started getting outside. I’m going to challenge myself to find 5 new places I like by the end of 2010.

Be a bit more green. It helps that I don’t constantly have a computer on anymore. I also unplug things I’m not using, and I ALWAYS turn off lights when I leave a room, unless I need a reminder that a task in that room is unfinished or something like that. I turn off the air conditioning when I don’t need it, too. I’m trying to be more careful with everything. Next step: Actually use the reusable grocery bag I bought months ago. I put it in my car, so hopefully I’ll remember next time.

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