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Family Cookbook

This is turning out to be more fun than I thought. I’ve got some awesome ideas! I’ve decided to add one recipe for every member of the family. This is no small task since just my cousins total 50 recipes. Then you count their parents, kids, etc. Also, I want to include lots of family pictures. I’m trying to set up “recipe day” every other week to try out the recipes and get pictures of us all together cooking them. The timing is perfect because my mom is taking a trip next month and will be visiting all of the out-of-state families. She’s under very strict orders to get pictures of everyone in the kitchen, even if it has to be staged!

This is more compiling

than writing but I’m proud of it nonetheless. I’m putting together a family recipe book. I come from a huge family and we are all pretty good cooks. On holidays everyone has certain dishes they always bring and usually a few new ones to try. The best part is the names we come up with. Some of our traditional dishes are “orange stuff” and my aunt Kaye’s “special Kaye bars.” I just found my grandmothers recipe box and some of the recipes in there are priceless. There’s one from my great grandfather who was a shepherd called “gunnysack stew” and another really old one called “hungry bear pie.” I’m having a lot of fun gathering recipes from everyone and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Who knows, maybe I could even get it published!


I’m not sure this counts but I’ve finally started keeping up with my journal. At least once a week I’m writing whatever comes to mind. It may not be the type of thing I can publish but it’s all I have the time or energy for right now.

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