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learn to make a cheese danish

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ansate has written 7 entries about this goal

Giving up

a) I can’t seem to find a good recipe
b) cream cheese is expensive

I found a couple of maybe close recipes – so I can guess that a danish takes at least 1 pkg of cream cheese, maybe 2, and needs a stick of butter and some sour cream.

Using Albertson’s browse online shopping, I priced cream cheese at $2.30/pkg for store brand ($3.49 for Kraft). We priced out butter the other day as $.70/stick. say another $1 for sour cream (can’t be precise about how much since the tail end of the tub usually goes bad in our fridge) – $4 for a frugal, 1 pkg of cream cheese danish.

The comparable danish that I’m trying to reproduce is all of $4.59.

I think I’m ok with just buying the damn thing.

king cake was a success!

Definitely will frost it next time, and be a little more careful about not baking it too long (took 25 minutes instead of 30, and was a little too brown on the bottom – airbake sheet next time!)

but very yummy. and large. If I was making this to bring to school or work as king cakes, I would probably make 2.

happy mardi gras!

what does mardi gras have to do with this? the perusal of king cake recipes leads me to believe that a king cake is essentially a funny shaped cheese danish – the recipes for king cake seem the most likely to give me that barely lemony flavor that I get in the ententman’s danish…. maybe I will make a funny shaped king cake this weekend.

very edible

the biggest thing i would change is to add more filling next time. doing a better job on creating the slits might also help.

very rich.

oh, and it turns out lyonette used to be a pastry chef. I should find her email and ask for advice.


well.. I’m sure it’s a danish in some sense of the word. and it tastes pretty good. all rich and buttery. But it is not what I was actually going for. So we’ll keep at it.


dough in fridge for first refridgerated rest

the complete book of pastry

oh, i can use it for things other than the perfect pie crust? ok

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