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Hi there

I haven’t been here in a while and I probably shouldn’t be up Bc it’s about 2 am oops. I really like this site I should come on more often.

Alright take care.

Edit: My mum said this website is demonicAHAHAHHA
like HAHAhahah
I just


Birthdays are fun yay


So I grew up without a father and the first time I met him was when I was five for like an hour and that was great

But recently I have been informed that that wasn’t my dad but a friend of my mom’s acting as my dad lol oops

so I’m back to mystery yay.

Oh, and happy new year.


You guys should really watch this movie called “House At The End Of The Street” starring Jennifer Lawrence it’s really good k thanks


With this strategically placed cookie, I’ll be able to catch bigfoot for sure!

I was lookin through entries...

And I realized that you guys “XD” a lot. Like, A LOT. If it isn’t XD it CX or XP. Not saying it’s wrong but I just noticed it.


crawls out from under rock


crawls back under

I'm sorry, what?

Hasn’t this happened enough for us to just ignore the person and move on or?


Hey there everyone. Been gone for a while. Just stopped by to say Hello

200th entry :D

The Air Conditioner is broken so its really hot no duh
I especially dislike the heat because of sweat. Esh

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