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aquirkortwo in New York City is doing 1 thing including…

master cleanse


aquirkortwo has written 24 entries about this goal

Day 4 - Gurgle gurgle

A very quiet day I guess. Definitely hungrier today than any other day, btu I also had to run around all day. I have been trying to hole up as much as possible because this whole process is so much easier when you have alot of time to yourself. PLus, many people don’t understand the fast and think it’s funny to tempt you.
I have this gingerbread candle that I always think smells so good. Today I almost ate it.
Not counting my weight or inches. Maybe I will weigh myself at the end, but not until then, otherwise I will start to dwell on numbers.
I have not been feeling like the entire quart of salt water…ummm…leaves my system. That scares me a bit because I know it is unhealthy to digest that much salt water. But, other than feeling really cold, I am feeling okay.
One weird thing that has never happened before, is that I have been craving meat. I have been a vegetarian for 12 years, so I am finding that pretty alarming. I can’t help but wonder what it means.

Day 3 -

Wow! This is probably the easiest time I have ever had on the cleanse. (with the exception of morning flushes). I was gifted with a small plates of AMAZING looking cookies and I had to pretend to eat them as to not offend the person who gave them to me. (I hid them in my bag and then gave them to someone else.)

Already my sense of smell is so much keener. I like this part, to be honest. It can kind of….sort of…not really…take the place of eating. It’s better than nothing.

I find it harder to do the cleanse in the winter too. It is snowing right now and the cold makes me want to eat. Eating is warming, no matter what it is you are eating.

My only real issue is the timing of the flushes. When I first did the MC (This is my third time.), I felt like the SWF kicked in in 10 minutes. Now, I feel it is taking me about 3 hours to be done with it. And even then (when I have to start my day), I don’t really feel like I am done. Any advice there?

YAY!! Third time, Day One, Here I Go....

Hello everyone!!
First off, I am so grateful for this site during this process. It is nice to know other people are going through what you are. (And I mean the weird and gross things – misery loves company – but also the amzing things.)
Today was Day One of my third Master Cleanse and my fifth fast (I juice sometimes and have done the apple fast) and it is amazing how the first day still feels so daunting. My last MC was in January. My initial plan was to MC twice a year (in January and July), but I ended up having to substitute a shorter juice fast during the summer and then the whole schedule just got messed up.
So here I am, deciding it is about time. Knowing what to expect, today wasn’t too bad. Hungry, but that feeling passes. The hardenst part is looking ahead.
I do have a question for you all I wanted to pose. I am a strict believer that you have to go by the book when it comes to the MC. However, nowadays, fasting tea is actually more readily available in stores than the time when the book was written. (Or so I believe) It is not peppermint and it is not senna tea, but it would be nice to have another option. On my third go around, should I ty to incorporate this as well? Or do you think I should tenaciously stick to book?

Hello! Day Three ...Kind of sort of


I am back on this blog for the third time, having last completed my second ten day MC in January. My plan is to fast four times a year. January and July I will do the MC and April and October I will do a simpler, shorter juice fast. 
So it is April, and I am mid juice fast. I have decided to do three or four days of the MC and then three days juicing. Today is Day Three of the MC portion, and it's always nice to have company, so I thought I would write in here.
One thing I will say is that this is the first time I have done it in spring, and the timing is very showing. January was tough because i think eating is warming. It was also harder because, well, the second time around you have nothing to prove to yourself. Whereas, the first time, it was a way to challenge myself. Now, i feel like I know why I am doing it, and there is a nice feeling of spring cleaning.
Anyway, if you need any encouragement, just ask. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the process...well, enjoyment is a strange word...but how great you start to feel, and how wonderful your senses become. Please do not get down, and please follow the directions. Read the book! And look out for tips on here. Here's a few: The straw one is great! I had teeth issues the first cleanse I did. I also suggest making an icee out of it if you have a dessert yen. Don't judge your cleanse by your eliminations. It will come in waves, dont' think that you are done if your eliminations seem...umm...all liquid. Lastly, come off of it lightly. Remember you will regain the weight, but you will regain less if you are careful about your post-cleanse. If you quickly go back to your normal eating habits, you may actually gain weight. Your metabolism slows down on the MC, and you need to slowly rebuild it. That's a blessing. After juicing, remember to eat small healthy things throughout the day boosting your metabolism. Retrain it. It works.
Oh, and if you have any other health problems, talk to a least a naturopath. There is no one on this site that can diagnose you or give you real sound medical advice.


YAY! So it is almost 10 PM on day 10, and it’s nice to know I made it again! I am looking forward to breaking the fast tomorrow and will have the tea tonight. I got back in the gym today, which I haven’t done in a few days – and felt good. But I have been very hungry all day. It was a rough stressful day and that probably added to the hunger.
SOME ADVICE!!!: At one point in my life I was severely anemic, which was discovered after I realized how easily I bruised. I had to take these huge pills until my iron levels were higher. Anyway, I tripped today and hit my knee (not too hard.) Low and behold I not only have a huge welt but a bump on top too. So for all you cleansers, please be aware fo this, and be sure you get back on a multi once the cleanse is over.
Anyway, excited to get my OJ. And I will get my soup veggies tomorrow. I also have not weighed myself the whole cleanse but did today: 8 lbs. Not bad, but I feel great. I would rather not gain it back, btu I am normally a pretty healthy eater and it all came back last time. Any special insight on this?
Lastly I just want to send out some love to all you cleansers who are midway or starting out. I can be the most stubborn, impatient and skeptical personal I know, but if I can get through 10 days TWICE, then I think anyone can. Hold in there and good luck!

Day 9! Yay!

So I am very very very cold and the weather doesn’t help. But my energy has been up and I feel overall pretty good. I can’t really complain about much. I had wanted to go to the gym more when on the cleanse, and I am usually good about getting 3 or more times a week under my belt. But life (not the cleanse) has made that really hard, and I have not gone since Friday! Nervous about nothaving kept my metabolism up, bbut I will make sure I go throughout the postcleanse that starts on Thursday.
The SWF has become cake.Well, not really! I wish it was cake, but I mean it has become easy to take. Hmmmm….cake….
Sorry for the temptation and I hope you are all having successfulk cleanses.
Any unique postcleanse/metabolism advice I can get?

Day 8 -

Quiet Monday! It’s nice to be at a point when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I haven’t been weighing myself, but I can definitely feel a difference. Looking forward to the en dof the week! Only problem is I am officially getting that back pain that everyone has been referring to. I didn’t get it the first time I did the cleanse, but this time it’s been pretty acute. Anyone else?

Day 7 - Energy, Energy, focus

So Day 7 has been very energetic…but I haven’t had the focus to do anything with the energy. Almost like a few espressos in the morning. (I have already stopped writing this like 2 or 3 times!)
Anyway, I am going over to my friends’ place tonight and I am sure they will have food. They are wonderful though and making something with meat in it. (I am vegetarian.)
So far so good! One thing: The SWF has been taking longer and longer. I am using the full amount of salt. Has anyone really upped the salt in the SWF and has that been effective?

Day 6 - Lazy!

So here I am end of day 6, and have been dreaming of carbohydrates. (I won’t tell you which ones for fear of temptation!) The past few days I skipped the gym and I feel so lazy today. It might be the dreary NYC day, or my energy. But I haven’t drank as much LA as I normally do either. I have also discovered how unfocused I have been. I can’t focus on anything!
How long do you all think I should wait for a glass of wine?!?

Day 5 - Reconsidering and Three Questions

Day 5! I would love to say it has been getting easier and I can….but only a little bit. As I (and alot of other people) have written before, it is more the desire to eat than actual hunger. BUT THAT DESIRE IS SO STRONG…...Anyway, i slept a long time last night which helped. I didn’t wake up from the tea. I have only woken up a little bit from cramps, but not enough for a trip to the b-room.
Ok, so 3 questions. One is that the first time I did this, the board was buzzing about pulp. Is it ok, should you strain? Just wanted to see what you all flet about it….Also, there was a long, and quite facinating discussion about the cravings and what they mean. Some people thought they were a sign of a big toxin. Others thought they were a sign of what your body needs the most. Lastly, how are everyone’s teeth feeling?


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