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learn to ride a motorcycle

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I did it!!!!

I took a motorcycle course this past weekend. I should have did this years ago! I went down to the DMV on Monday and got my motorcycle endorsement. Definitely recommend this!

Bike Night

I saw my motorcycle friends last night at bike night. I try to head out to these events because it keeps me focused. They talked me into signing up for motorcycle class anyway this summer. I had been worried about money, but who cares about that. I’ll find a way, or a way will find me. I miss riding… even if I was just a passenger.

Group Rider Course

I went to my first Harley Davidson course today….Group Rider Course. It was all about how to ride correctly in groups (duh). Anyway, I became an expert at giving hand signals while maneuvering a metal foldup chair. I had lots of fun and there was great practical info from experienced riders.

Learn to ride a motorcycle

I ride on the back of a Harley…and love it.
I want to drive.
I’m sure it’s a control thing.

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