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my intentions they are sinister, mister

i have always loved talking with people i have just met. what is it about them and that knowledge of distance that makes them so appealing? why dont i have the same kind of transdescental experiences with the one who’s going to take me home at the end of the day? why doesn’t he hold my attention like the other people do? why can’t everything be this intense? staying up till the sun rises, half a beer in your hand, on the verge of some terrific realisation that everything in the world can be crystallised to this connection you have made with this other person. i dont get it. okay, i’m lying. its always the people i am interested in (but not the boy i’m seeing). bcause late nights and intellectuals and alcoholics are a sexy combination. the fact that i’ve become more interested in hanging out late with other mad, wild people, does it mean i’ve fallen out of love already? whats wrong with me? can’t i be less restless, less desirous to vicariously connect with the world? couldn’t a conversation with the boy i already know so so well be condensed into a pinpoint sensation of such uplifting greatness? why am i always searching for something… more?

barons; like lucid dreamings

i love doing this but i have some problems. a few things always happen, especially if they are people i have just met. either i have too many inhibitions and begin to fear that i sound like an uncouth asinine idiot, or else by the time its late in the night i am too drunk to remember their names right the next morning, or what we talked about, or sometimes it as bad as a complete blank memory. however i’ve been told i am a fun drunkard. i am not sure how intellectual my conversation would be then though, although i am highly curious. what would ariel say when she’s mad stone drunk? and what would that reveal about her?


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