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Art Fellow has written 4 entries about this goal

First two broad beans

Can you spot them?

I planted these around March (southern hemisphere autumn) and they have been flowering for a while but pods have finally started to form… Can’t wait to boil them and have them with a dash of salt! Or have them in a pasta dish?

Pre-spring cleaning the vege garden

We’re getting closer to Spring where I live and my garden has not been maintained during the several months of cold weather. However, the rain had stopped for the first time this week so I thought I would make the most of it by going out to the garden and doing some serious weeding. I managed to pull most of it out – the vege garden is looking heaps better now that you can actually see what vegetables are growing there. Photo to come.

Mesclun after around 1 month

After my last entry at the beginning of the month I sowed the following seeds – mesclun, dwarf beans and zucchini.

Here’s what the mesclun looked like after watering every now and again for around 25 days and before harvesting for breakfast this morning. It was delicious!

Some of the leaves got chewed on by what look like very tiny yellow insects which almost gave me nightmares but once I got over the fact that its nothing so bad that you can’t eat the leaves, I was okay. Now I know to inspect the leaves more closely when I water them. We’ll see how it regrows!

Preparing the soil

In the last month or so I’ve been busy at the raised garden bed pulling out weeds, breaking up clumps in the soil and adding compost. Heaps of compost – we’ve got about three years worth since it just built up and we didn’t do anything with it until now! It almost made me wonder if compost “went off” but after a bit of research I found out if shouldn’t be a problem. There’s about six buckets-full of compost in the garden bed which is about 1.5m by 2.5m so hopefully this should be enough.

I am finally ready to sow some seeds tomorrow – I’m very excited. It’s already January (which is equivalent to July in the northern hemisphere I think) so I’ll probably save things like tomatoes until next summer and stick to things like beetroot (yum!) which I already have seeds for. Can’t wait!

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