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list three things every day that made me happy

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1. waking up early
2. drinking coffee at the seaside
3. making snowman beside the road on the way back home


1. traveling to another city
2. passing through 3 different weather conditions; snow, rain and sun
3. walking around, exploring another town


1. lots of cheers
2. tetris challenge
3. helping friend to achieve her goals


1. sunny and warm day
2. meeting 5 friends on coffee and beer
3. unplanned night out


1. waking up early and having whole day in front of me
2. reading another good book
3. going to Italian course and meeting new friends there

17.10.2011. relaxing Monday :)

1, sunny afternoon
2. long relaxing bath
3. reading


1. Finished the reading of “The Book Thief”, it been quite long since I stumble upon a good and interesting book like this one.
2. making a great pizza
3. cleaning unnecessary files from computer


1. waking up without hangover
2. making all the things I planned done
3. chilling at home with a book and in front of TV


1. another great night out, great music, people etc.
2. inspiring compliments from some friends
3. kebab on the way home

12 & 13.10.2011

1. finally writing all the things for this goal I was thinking and planning to
2. making all planned things done
3. helping some friends to achieve their goals

arrakis has gotten 16 cheers on this goal.


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