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Fifty-four and Counting!

I’ve done it! I’ve lent to more than 50 people on, and I highly recommend it. What a fantastic way to help people improve their lives—with dignity. You can check out our lender page to see some of the available loans on Kiva. And then please, sign in and make your own loan if you can! It’s only $25 to help someone change their life!

39 Loans

Sanu Maharjan

Siah Bangura

Saturday Ulebor

Fatima Abou Leila

Rubina Bibi

Zaitooni Bibi

Alisher Musoev

32 (Really 33)

Last week I lent to four more people:

Sarah Kizza’s Group

Musawa Women’s Group

Oluchi Erekaye

Hagah Boateng

Check out my lender page here.

28 (Really 29)

Today I did our first Ugandan loan, to Grace Wampamba. He had a lovely write-up that I encourage you to read if you get a chance.

27 (Really 28)

I did another one today, to Eusebia Gertrudis Choque Pampa. I love the look of pride on the man’s face. As I write this, this couple is still raising funds. Please go donate $25 if you can.

More than Halfway

I did three more loans yesterday, bringing my total to 26 (27 counting the one I did for work).

Meet my latest borrowers:

María Ruíz

Remigia Tillería

Andrea Primera

24 (or 23, depending)

I did another loan. Could NOT resist this smile!

Could NOT Be Happier

I’m so excited I’m about to BURST. A few weeks ago, I went to our company’s HR person, asking her if I could start a Kiva lending group at my company. She told me to go right ahead, but I asked her if she could clear it first with the Powers That Be, just to make sure it was OK.

Well, the Powers That Be were so happy with Kiva, that they agreed to match ALL donations our employees make. YAY!!!!!! I’m so happy I’m about to BURST. Today was the day we kicked it off, and I’ve already had $100 pledged (that’s $200 really). We’re not a huge company, so my goal is $1000, which I’m fairly confident we can do.

So, uh, my loan for this week obviously went there. My lender page says 22, but I’ve really done 23. ;)


We lent to Cirila Bitte Galindo Ylaquita From the website: For many years, she has dedicated herself to making decorations and other items for campaigns or seasonal celebrations. As the Christmas season is approaching, the most-demanded work will be paper crowns made for saint’s day festivals, widely celebrated in her country, where diverse customs are celebrated. Cirila’s wish is to increase the quantity of her production, and for this she needs raw materials. That is why she is seeking this loan of $200 that she will invest in her small business that is so busy during these months.


I like craftsmen, I’ve decided. People who work with materials. Today I saw two on Kiva that called out to me and they were both craftsmen.

Yaovi Richard Segniga is a carpenter from Togo. To quote from Kiva: “However, the regularity of this income depends on a steady supply of wood and on having modern tools and machines so that he can fill orders in a timely fashion.

“For this reason, Mr. Segniga is asking for a loan of US$ 1000 to purchase wood and appropriate tools and machines. This will allow him to be certain of a steady income so that he can better cater for the needs of his family and improve their standard of living.” That sounds reasonable. I want that bed he has in the picture! By the way, as I write this, Mr. Segniga still needs funds, so go give him some if you can. :)

My other loan is Henry Obi a metal worker from Nigeria. I LOVE the doors and gates he displays in his photo.

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