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so, since 5 of my postcards have been registered and actually another one just got registered… i’m getting desperate to receive one. has been a while and it’d be nice to get one… and then if it wasn’t from finland (nice cards, nice stamps, nice peoplle, but just so much of them on postcrossing :-) ) wow wouldn’t that be nice.

hah, this was unexpected

one of the latest postcards is/was supposed to go to Israel, my first to this country. when I went to the post-office, however, I had to learn that Mexico had no postal connections to Israel (neither to Afghanistan, Irak nor Somalia). So, out of 150+ countries on this planet, I’m lucky enough to have to send a card to one of the 4 that Mexico won’t send mail to. Yeah, right… Thank God, I can place mail in the Volkswagen internal mail and thus, the postcard will be sent from Germany… Geez… who would have thought???

the 5 cards 3 weeks ago

all have arrived. and the one to the states that had expired got registered. there’s still the one to the philippines, but well… i’ll send another one just to make sure…
so, ive got the next 5 addresses and one of my cards will go to israel, that’s a first for me. then there is the obvious finland, but just one and the states again, brazil as well and germany. let’s see when i’ll get them posted. :-)

i enjoy this...

greatly… i’ve sent and received almost 20 postcards I’d say, some were from or went to finland, but not as many as others report. i enjoy receiving those cards so much. the only problem is posting them. after going to the trouble of buying postcards, which is not easy, since nobody seems to write (anymore?) in mexico, the biggest problem of them all is the post-office. working hours are so limited that i can only go on saturdays, and that’s when i’m not working on sat. i got into the routine of working three saturdays and then have 3 off. so, today i went and posted 5 cards. i usually try to send 5 at a time, because otherwise it’d be such a drag. of course, since i’m curious to see whom i’ll be writing to, i get the addresses days and weeks before i post them. today after posting looking at postcrossing, most of my cards have been travelling for 2-3 weeks, so whoever gets a card from me, it’s slow… i should add another 2-3 weeks for them to actually arrive, so each card is getting close to expiring. i actually had my last 5 expire and now 3 got registered. one from the states is missing and one to the phillipines, i wonder how the postal system works over there… but still, postcrossing is a wonderful idea and i should keep doing it… never mind the effort i have to put into it. it’s so worth it.

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