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I am definitely doing this...

We went hiking/camping at Mt. Rainier and even tho all the pics are on my bf’s camera/computer there are some really good ones. I have been taking lots of pics lately. I think im gonna mark this off soon :)

The Plan

I am going on vacay to Reno tomorrow and my goal is to take 50 pics minimum of the approx 4 day vacay. Im gonna get some good ones!

I have been....

I took some pics at the fair and then of my and my bff in the pool. I am going to give this a few more weeks and see if I really have improved!

Working on it

I took some photos of us on Cinco De Mayo and then of the beautiful beach and bridge view we have down the road. I am going on a one day vacay and I hope to grab some good ones there. We are going to our state capitol, Olympia.

well what the heck

I carry my camera w/ me everywhere in my purse. I just never really find anything that is worth taking a pic of. I take pics of me and others sometimes but I always delete them because I look like crap (for some reason I cant keep my eyes open.) Sooo does anyone have any suggestions of how to keep eyes open or of other things to take good pics of beside myself?

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