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count my 43 greatest blessings


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Here thay are: (in no relevant order)

1) My friends
2) My family
3) My faith
4) that I was raised to care about complete strangers
5) That I understand I deserve none of what I have and have a responsibility to try to earn the right to keep it.
6) pomegrantes
7) Jasmine Tea
8) The Sandia Mountains
9) the ability to clear my mind with a drive
10) the will to learn more than what I know
11) the love of my life
12) the moments he brushes the hair out of my face
13) the rain
14) the internet!!!
15) Music
16) believing that work should be a form of worship
17) my journals and will to create 100 more of them
18) the experiences that have been the hardest for me. The lose of love, seeing life for what it really is, people not believing in me, have all only served to make me stronger, wiser.
19) Rebecca Orchant
20) Joyce Briscoe
21) Mohammed Soliman
22) Khalil Gibran
23) the ability to empathize
24) being able to put myself in other peoples shoes
25) logic!
26) Irene Jillson
27) the color white
28) sometimes being blessed with courage
29) the people who push me when I am not feeling couragious
30) Vasudha Desikan
31) belief in change
32) Christmas and all its choas
33) forrests
34) Rivers, creeks, oceans, seas, and things I can swim in
35) the ability to forgive
36) swingsets!
37) time to play like a kid
38) time to struggle
39) New Mexico Sunsets
40) 5 hour hookah nights including politics, pop culture, and peace with my ladies
41) Wednesday nights at Priti’s
42) The guy friends who treat me like their sister and make me feel safe.
43) Life


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