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Add pictures to my entries

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I'm getting at better at this

However I still forget to do it when I have images which fit a response. Also when I’m using 43things and I’m not on my computer, I don’t always have access to my pictures.

Although this picture is totally unrelated to this topic, I’ll post it anyway. It’s an image of two huge flames which merged into one huge fireball at Burning Man 2006. The performance/piece was called 2Bleve and resulted in a fireball that was probably about 300 feet in diameter. If you look closely the circles near the bottom of the flame are about 4 feet tall, so the flame on the left is probably 110 feet tall and the one on the right is about 50 feet tall.

I just found out one can add pictures with the edit entry feature

I’ve got pictures that go with some of my entries, so now I’ll start adding them. I’ll also try to add a picture when I add an entry if I have one that fits.

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