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I love the sky

I think I notice the sky fairly often. I’m not sure why or how I learned to do this, but it’s something I check out on a regular basis. I love the different ways the clouds look and the different shades of blue one can see if one really takes time to notice the differences.

When I was in the highlands of Peru I was amazed at the clarity of the air and how deep blue the sky was. I also loved the clouds on the horizon when I was at Sandoval Lake in the Amazon Basin (also in Peru.)

The attached picture is the sky above Cuzco from the central plaza.
I suppose it’s really the stars one looks at when noticing the sky at night, but I love looking up when it’s dark as well. I feel very connected to the universe. Knowing that every atom in my body originated somewhere else in the universe makes it all the more special when I look into the night sky.


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