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I loved someone and he hurt me and then he died

I want to talk to him. I’m afraid I won’t get to hear what I want or he won’t come through at all. I’d love to just have a conversation with him like we used to. I found myself trying to replicate one of our conversations with someone else the other night. I realized what I was doing almost immediately. It wasn’t the same, then I was sad and kept that to myself. Grieving is hard especially when I still feel angry with him.

I might have a referral

A friend of mine saw a medium recently. She lost her mom in a car accident and had a very comforting experience. I think I will do it although it may not be as comforting to me because my situation is a little different.

connect with someone who has passed

I’d like to try to connect with someone that passed away 6 months ago. I loved this person dearly and miss him. I am also angry about some things and don’t have closure. I think I need to heal more before trying a medium because I don’t think I could handle being disappointed.

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