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asterisk has written 51 entries about this goal

4/20: Even simpler

This week, Husband is traveling, and I have a ton of evening work events, so we didn’t work too hard at preparing meals for the week.

We actually didn’t cook anything new, but we did cook!
  • Beans, greens, and cornbread
  • Blackened salmon + Japanese sweet potato w/ miso butter + salad

4/13: Keeping it simple

We had so little time to plan meals this week that we literally planned the whole week on Epicurious while standing in line. The nevertheless-tasty results:

  • Chicken picadillo enchiladas (new)
  • A noodle dish that wanted to be char kuay teow (sp?) and ended up closer to pad thai (new?)
  • Thai-flavored brussels sprouts

4/7: pad ped
Again, I neglected to take pictures, but we made:
  • Steak, roasted snow peas, stuffed dates
  • Chicken stew with dates and honey
  • Pad ped pork (new!) Husband hit up a new SE Asian grocery store, and we made a simple stir-fry using their super-flavorful homemade chili paste.

3/30: Date chutney, farro thingy

No pictures this week, but tons of new dishes!

  • Pork tenderloin with date chutney (new)
  • A kinda bland lentil curry (new)
  • A not-bland stir-fried cabbage with Indian spices
  • A fried-rice-esque dish with farro, Italian sausage, and other good stuff (new)

3/1: Leeks vinaigrette
Last week, we made:
  • Broiled mackerel with leeks vinaigrette (both new).
  • Thai cashew chicken
  • Rigatoni with homemade tomato sauce

9/15: guajillo fish tacos

This week, we made:

  • Guajillo fish tacos with slaw (new!)
  • Dan dan mian
  • Chicken cacciatora with broccoli

9/8: cooking for myself

This week, it was just me! Here’s what I made:

  • Shakshuka
  • Thai pork fried rice with basil (new)
  • Cambodian shrimp and grapefruit salad (new)
  • Caramelized bananas (new)

And now I am exhausted.

8/26: no pics

I forgot to take pictures when we cooked this past weekend, but here’s what we made:

  • Salmon cakes with snow peas (new!)
  • Chipotle hummus (new!)
  • Roasted cauliflower and carrots with cinnamon-y spices (new!)
  • Flemish carbonnade (beef stew)

Husband will be out of town next week, and while that’s a bummer in many ways, I do enjoy picking a menu of not-his-favorite-foods to make for myself. Looking forward to that!

8/19: A southern feast

Last week, we made:

  • Mezcal and hibiscus-cured fish with a peach slaw. Weirdest recipe ever, but turned out delicious.
  • Roasted figs
  • Texas caviar (black-eyed peas with veggies and spices)
  • Cheesy squash casserole with FRESH squash one of my research students gave me
  • Mee goreng (Indonesian noodles, pictured)

I think everything on this list was new, and it all turned out pretty well!

8/11: mmm, custard

We had it together enough to go to the farmer’s market this week!

We made:
  • Mapo tofu (new recipe!)
  • Orecchiette with kale and cherry tomatoes (new!)
  • Eggplant pizza
  • Goat cheese and pistachio salad with shallot vinaigrette (new!)
  • Lemon-honey custard topped with macerated pluots (new!)

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