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#31 - Kiva

Added money to Kiva and lent/donated my accumulated credit.

I’m really running out of ideas for this goal, so if anyone wants to point me to a worthy charity, I’m all ears!

#30: Khan Academy

Definitely the online learning site I’m most excited about.

#29 - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Someone I work with is doing one of their events, so I contributed.

But I’m really embarrassed about it, because I had assumed I’d be able to choose to donate anonymously on the final donation screen—but it turns out that the final screen was just a receipt and the damage was already done. And my “non-trivial” charitable donation amount is…indecorously large, under the circumstances. UGH. UGH. UGH. I hope she never finds out.

#28 - Student group

I had been ignoring this goal because I expected to be on the hook for a gigantic expense. Turns out that I’m not, so the funds need to start flowing again.

I checked in with Kiva and re-lent my accumulated credit, and I made a new donation to a student group I used to be involved in.

#27 - Faustus's Big Climb

So happy to donate to Faustus for his Big Climb benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

#26 - Kiva

Another replenishing of the Kiva account.

#25 - Kiva

Just replenished my Kiva credit with a fresh donation!

#24 - the Starving Artist Vacation Fund

Not a real charity (sadly). Went on a vacation last month with 3 friends, 2 of whom are stably employed corporate types and one of whom is a starving artist. I donated miles and $ so that the latter could come along.

#23 - Someone's memorial fund

Someone I really respect passed away recently after living a long, full life. I made a donation to their suggested cause, which really will help carry on the world-changing work this person did.

Also, I am incredibly ashamed that I haven’t donated in almost a year—I had been donating quarterly before that. Yikes! I’ll try to make monthly gifts until I catch up.

#22 - Whoops

I was volunteering alongside some big shots, I made a boo-boo, I’m paying for it because the alternative is to screw over someone with even less money than me.

My husband and I had an actual fight over whether I should pay for it out of pocket. We don’t share (all of) our money, so it wasn’t like the decision affected him; it was just the principle of the thing. But what can I say? I messed up, and the options are (1) make myself a giant pain in the asses of important people, (2) stiff someone with less clout, or (3) pony up.

Anyway, I told him I’d at least count it as my “charity” for the quarter. And I think we’re done arguing. We never argue. Weird.

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