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and again!

I did it again. Two submissions in one month! I hope the literary magazines will smile upon me this time. ;)

another try!

once more unto the breach, dear friends, as I have submitted another poem to another literary magazine here’s hoping

self publish?

We live in an amazing time. The internet gives us access to instant publication. Young artists can get exposure to an audience of millions! And yet, the process of being “vetted” by an experienced editor, or carefully shaped by the critique a good mentor, is invaluable to a true artist! So I prefer to submit my work to high quality literary journals and poetry contests. Getting published in that context means more to me than just spreading my feelings across the internet.

Last month, I submitted three of my poems to a poetry contest, but none was published or even recognized. It’s easy to get discouraged.

Finally, I decided to go ahead and publish a poem on a website of similar poetry. I’m hoping to get good feedback from the other writers there. And I’m hoping that my words will inspire or touch someone.

It does feel good to have my work “out there.” But I’m not going to cross this goal off of my list until I am published by an independent source.


I submitted three poems to a poetry contest today. Wish me luck! ;)

poet's corner

This goal is very important to me, but I’m not making much progress this month. In July, I submitted my work to a couple of magazines that have not yet responded. I think I just need to get a little more organized and submit to more places!

my first poetry contest, part 2

My poem won an honorable mention and a small cash prize. That’s pretty cool, right? But they didn’t publish it! So this goal remains on the list.

my first poetry contest

I just put my poem in an envelope and sent it to Canada!

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