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Got a quote today for cleaning the vinyl siding...

....based on the lucky happenstance of someone trying to grow their business going around the neighborhood door-to-door to offer paint/powerwashing estimates.

It’s more than I would want to pay (but perhaps that’s really the going rate). It would mean someone else would take care of everything, including taking down the shutters to clean behind them. J and I are considering it.

Things on the list

1. Lawn care. Last summer we finally befriended our neighbor who runs a side lawn-care business. I don’t think we wanted to admit we couldn’t mow it ourselves, and we called him about once a month to catch the parts our little push mower wouldn’t get. Now I’m ready to admit we need more help than that…
2. Gutters. I think they’re crammed full of two seasons of leaves…and I don’t think they’re draining at all. :(
3. Vinyl siding. It just needs some thorough washing. Still thinking a power washer might be the way to go.
4. Critters and vents. We have a few vents to the outside that have been chewed away and need replacing. Also a gable where a flying squirrel(?) dented the panels. We should make sure that there’s not more critters nesting anywhere: attic, basement, subceiling…and that includes making sure there are no carpenter ants.
5. Putting away the cat stuff. I just haven’t had the heart to yet. But it needs to be on the list.


-The foundation is still worrying me. I hear creaks and cracks most days, then find cracks big and small in the ceiling, walls, floors, and around some baseboards. It’d be nice to get an inspector or structural engineer or some such person to come and just tell me how much I should be worried. And what can be done.
-I hear sometimes hear critter in one wall, and sometimes he gets in the sub ceiling. I called right before our guests arrived, but since it was so close to the holidays, I don’t think anyone can address this until the New Year, which is fortunately soon.
-There are two skylights in our upstairs. As the weather cooled, we noticed substantial condensation. As we peered closer, the wood frame is starting to rot, and I’m sure the glass could be a lot more energy-efficient. We stopped by one window showroom, and the salesperson very unhelpfully suggested we uninstall the windows and roof over the holes. He didn’t think new windows would help the condensation problem, and he left us feeling kind of crummy. We’ve got the plastic shrink wrap on them now to insulate during the winter, but come springtime I’d like to consult with someone else to see what our options are.
-J and I want to garden this year, and there’s a spot that should be perfect, but is heavily weeded and the previous owners just tossed some patio tile in a heap. So we just need to get that cleaned up and ready.
-Our garage needs some work. Mostly just general cleaning.

hired a roofer!

We are good to go on October 15th. Hopefully, the weather holds out!

Angie's List

Got a subscription to Angie’s List to help with finding all the right services. Now to hunker down and read the various reviews to make a selection.


Woke up to skunk smell again… I’m afraid this might be surmounting to something I shouldn’t ignore anymore… but denial feels so much better…

Mowing the lawn!

Part of owning a detached single family home is now yard maintenance!

A couple of months ago J researched push mowers (I mean, reel mowers – no gas or electric!) and determined he really wanted a Fiskars reel mower. It arrived and we got it assembled! Pushed that thing over and around the front and back yards for over two hours, but it looks great! And it was so satisfying!

After many, many years in condo/apartment living (in addition to a phobia of power mowers after my dad lost some toes…), I think this might be the first time I’ve ever mowed my own lawn! Only took me 30 years – ha! Glad I’m hooked. :)

clean the vinyl siding

Noticing some patches of grime and what could be mildew here and there. Not knowing when it was cleaned last, it might be a good thing to do before winter. It looks like it’s as simple as renting a pressure washer for the day, and doing mixing some cleaning solution for trouble spots. I’ve never actually used a pressure washer before, so this might be interesting.

If we do the roof this summer, then I would definitely want to look more into doing this too.

Edit: Good articles to refer back to:


Spent part of the afternoon weeding what I could definitely tell were weeds.

I’m such a city/suburban girl, I have trouble distinguishing any weeds, so moving forward this will certainly be an adventure.

J and I have talked about consulting with a landscaper, but given some of our other priorities, I just don’t think we have the money for it right now.

Sigh. #desperatelywantingabeautifulyard

guest room

With my sister and her family coming so soon, I’m working hard to get the guest room in great shape. I have the mattress pad in the wash, next I’ll be washing new sheets, once dry I can make the bed properly, and then see what else needs to be done in there.

J got all the boxes of books unpacked and I’m deciding where pictures will be hung. Part of my sister and her husband’s offer is to help us actually hang them, but choosing their locations should be done beforehand. ;)

Our cat knocked over one picture frame and cracked it, while I’m noticing another one (I received from my parents) probably needs reframing as well. Finding a frame shop is yet another task…

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