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Piston Ring

Revolutionary invention in Automobiles

An ultimate Piston Ring


The performance of this piston ring is unit of 4 pieces. This is 99.9% Leak proof. It has mechanism to widen without occurring above 5 microns gap among 4 pieces and no gap along with inside diameter of bore (liner) for the long time. Due to reciprocating action of piston /s the outer diameter of ring will be decreasing diametrically thickness of ring up to ,1, MM for the Ø 41 MM ring . This is applicable for all the sizes of piston rings proportionately so this type of piston rings will be working for a span of 10 to 15 years long time

In this mechanism the coiled wire spring used ( put ) at inside dia of 4 pieces ring to widen , so no hard spring tension as existing self spring powered piston rings .
Because of reduced friction power and 99.9 % leak proof system the fuel consumption of engine / s will be decreasing up to 30% and pollution too, respectively.
(Performed a model of 50cc Bike engine)

This technology is to let on Royalty

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