atinygoat in Chicago is doing 43 things including…

live in a foreign country

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atinygoat has written 5 entries about this goal

I have an address here in Morocco..

So i guess this means I am living in Morocco.

We’re not yet totally settled in, but we do have:

- running water
- electricity
- inet courtesy of a USB stick modem
- a new double bed with frame
- a table and chairs
- an armoire
- some towels
- a new fridge
- a new cook top/stove top

And on Monday, I find out what my work schedule is going to be like.

Today, we begin our search for an apartment.

I’ve been in-country for exactly three weeks now, living out of a suitcase or back pack the whole time.

I’m so excited to finally be in my post city and to be able to begin looking for an apartment. I cannot wait to be settled in and start living as normal a life as possible!

This ***IS*** going to happen!

Yesterday, I received confirmation that a Fulbright ETA award was being held for me.

I applied to teach English in Poland, but due to some funding cuts and my persistence, I will now be moving to Morocco in September and will spend 10 months teaching English in one of their universities.

I might be a little closer to achieving this goal!

I passed my first round of Fulbright cuts, and now only one more round separates me and living in Poland.

I will hear back in the next four months or so!

Plan A part one and two..

We submitted our Fulbright applications last week. We have set down the groundwork for us to move to either Poland or Moldova a little less than one year from now.

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