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Pay off all of my debt

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Most of it is gone

This month I shall be wiping my Credi Card debt its around Rs 14000/- but the personal loan of Rs 71000 still remains..


I am moving at a snails pace.. facing some family obligations…


payed rs 1000 for my credit card today, not substantial but still counts


I acted on the suggestion of 20vt… converted my credit card debt into a loan and now i m paying very low interest and all set to pay Rs 5000/- for my other credit card next month. I had 2 mobile fones I am surrendering one phone and the will provide me Rs 800/- extra every month… I love this cutting costs idea.

I dea...

An Idea from 20VT I ll also take a personal loan and then pay off my credit card debt and then pay the personal loan at a lowe rate… thanks and a cheer!

Payed off

I paid off Rs 11000/- and now the outstanding amount against me is Rs 33000 out of which 11000/- is interest free and the remaining 22000/- is the Credit Card bill at 34% per annum…


All set for tomorrow I am paying off Rs 11000 s my debt… will get rid of heavy interest burden of 43% per annum…


My friend ditched me… now Icant borrow from him to get interest free loan… anyways i am going to stick to my earlier plan…Consolidate this month and pay off the next month

borrowing money at no interest

I had to pay the phone bill of Rs 10596/- I dont have enough amount so I was waiting for month end as per my previous post… I got an idea to borrow money from my friend in this way i ll bypass my interest amount and the late payment charges thus sabing approximatelu Rs 1000/- for the next month. This is all set to be paid on saturday on 11th November


I am accruing money this month… working on my phone bill to reduce it this month so that I can pay an amount to the tun of 15000 next month.I am waiting to get to this month end

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