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1 year later...

So I noticed that I have been learning for a little over a year now, so I thought I would make a note on my progress. I’m very close to finishing Alfred’s Book 1 (currently ironing out “The Entertainer”), I have the first 20 exercises of 60 exercises (for “mastery” ha ha) memorized and I can play them well, plus I have learned three Bach minuets. My sight reading is improving though I don’t work on it specifically very often.

Over the next year I will strive to continue to practice regularly (I’ve been doing so almost every day), improve my sight reading, work through Alfred’s Book 2, get through 20 more exercises, and learn all of the Bach pieces in my Bach for Beginners Book 1 (and commit to memory those pieces I enjoy).

I would also like to spend some time on classical and jazz theory (including ear training), begin to improvise a little, and perhaps write some simple parts for my own music.

Day 1

Since I am considering going back to school as a music major at some point, it is necessary to develop a proficient level of facility on piano. I have never had lessons, but everybody has to start somewhere. I began working through book 1 of Alfred’s adult method last night – and I have some other books that should help me with sight reading, rhythm, and the mechanics of playing. Also, I know several good players and a couple good teachers, perhaps if I consult them they can help me prevent or correct any bad habits, just in case I ever want to play some more challenging material. I’m sure the long term rewards will be worth the short-term headaches…

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