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survive a zombie outbreak


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I will help anyone out with a zombie outbreak and I even plan on making a site that has what to do, where to go, and a caht room so when it does happen, you can contact people!!


Well, I am getting the Zombie Survival Guide for my birthday and I have an effective plan to survive. Guns are GREAT for survival, but if you have never shot a gun before or are too young, a blunt object would be more effective for you. Stay away from knives as it makes you have to get close to them to cut through their heads, which would give you a BAD opprotunity to get bitten. Also, try to get your hands on some of that packaged food that the military uses, great for you to be holed up somewhere or even traveling, as it is already cooked. It may not be EXTREMELY good, but at least it gives you proper nourishment to stay alive! Avoid confrontations with a group of zombies, but extract one or two to kill for your liking. Have yourself a guaranteed way out of your barricaded area (complete with a proper zombie-protected vehicle.) just in case you run out of supplies and they start closing in dramatically. This gets you to escape safely, but you may lose a couple of people in the process. I have said too much….but anyways, I know that on this New Years, when they were counting down, I barricaded myself in my room with my .357 and spare ammo, ready at will. Sounds stupid, but a zombie outbreak is EXTREMELY possible in the near future, what with all of the Top Secret experiments going on and what not….anyone agree?


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