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It’s become kind of apparent to me that I’ll need to complete some of the other goals on my list before I complete this one. If I can’t work out javascript, java, or PHP, or SOMETHING similar, then I won’t be finishing up on any website.

I simply have no inclination at all to work on the old one; it’s 10 years out of date now, and I have a lot of new ideas.


Might see if I can find a way around this goal, to achieve what I really want to do without actually doing the literal wording of the goal. I just want to get my music compilation pages info filled out – that’s all that’s left to do. Doesn’t have to be on the same angelfire page it’s on now.

Minor overhaul
A weekend or two ago I did a minor overhaul of the site. It included:
  • getting rid of the profiles section (which I never really liked and every idea I had would have ended up causing drama)
  • cleaning up the old journal pages (which are kept in their original form for authenticity and nostalgia factors)
  • somehow managing to remove the banners, I don’t know how
  • wrecking the qualities dropdown (which was always out-of-place)
  • resizing the sidebar for modern-day resolutions and the more commonly accepted smaller fonts. If you check out the list of compilations on the music page, you can see the difference.

I was actually quite pleased with it! The music section will continue to be updated, and maybe maybe maybe maybe the qualities section, but the rest is largely abandoned.

Once I have the existing music compilations all done, this goal will be completed. As I get new compilations, those will need to be added in before I close this goal off, too. So, in theory, the sooner the better ;)


I’m not feeling terribly optimistic about getting this done, because I’m not sure there’s any point. I diverted my attention to getting the compilation info done, but even that trailed off and I can’t see myself putting it together in the near future.

The answer is to do it right now – but I don’t want to do it right now. I can’t keep trying to hit my goals even if I don’t really want it done. It makes more sense to consider scrapping it.

The updates page isn’t accurate – I’ve added in a line to each compilation every now and then. Tonight I added the quote under Courage, which I’ll also do with Truth and Love when I find ones I really like.

But I AM considering scrapping it.

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