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I have had perserverance in my life through all my trials. And I have had trials….more than most. I have to say, I am getting weary and feel like I could use a break!

I am not a perfectionist

I am so not a perfectioninst. I always here myself say, “good enough” I know I got this from my mother. I often would here her say, “good enough.”

I used to be a perfectionist in many areas. Drove myself into a chronic illness. When I was really ill is when I practiced my “good enough” because that was all I could do. It was difficult to start, not doing everything perfectly, but over time I managed to conquer my perfectionist attitude. (O.K I did just double check the word “conquer” for spelling) Maybe I need to work on my “good enough” for awhile longer.

I am a thoughtful person

I generally consider other peoples thoughts and feelings in my words and actions

I am an honest person

I will tell the truth even when it would be much easier to lie

I am a nice person

I will go out of my way to help a stranger, even if it totally inconviences me

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