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go backpacking

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I need to buy some boots. I have no idea where to start. I guess I’ll go to REI and hope the guys there know what’s good and start with that information.


Shopping for a backpack… yay! :D


Sierras in the Spring! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now I need to start shopping for equipment. I’m going to evaporate my pee like I saw on TV, just so I can say I did. Sexy, huh? =P


Got some books from the library. I need to get in better shape for this.


Went to a climbing class last night. I already knew everything he said, but I got a handy handout with some terms that I didn’t already know, so that’s something. And I got to climb. No, I didn’t go just for that. I swear. Really. You believe me, right?

Going to a GPS 101 class tonight, and getting some backpacking books from the library.


Yay. Ryan’s in. We still have no idea when or where, but a partner is a step.


Okay, went to the thing the other day. Will be going to another, more detailed one. Oh, and the instructor seemed more than a little distracted from instructing because he was too busy trying to flirt with me. He all but ignored the other people there, and I felt a little weird about that. He was hot but I couldn’t do much but smile and blush with all those people there. When everyone was leaving, he stopped me to tell me to come back and ask for him if I think of any questions, and that he’d help me shop if I wanted. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need help with at least a few questions at some point. =P


Going to a thing at REI to learn basics.

Every time I go camping,

people always want to bring pre-packaged foods, and take the sites with running water and electricity. Uhh… what’s the point? But my cousin has made and mapped a trail through an area of wilderness in Indonesia… alone. So, I’d say that he’d be up for it. =P

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