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obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy.


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Fuggin great.

Out of curiosity early this morning, I just discovered that the amount of maintenance calories for my goal weight is preeeeetty low, and while I’ve had considerably good progress so far I know that I can’t eat so little forever. I thought at least the maintenance level of calories would be normal, around 2000 which I guess I thought was average because that’s what’s on all the nutrition labels, but mine will be extremely low! So… I’ve been in a pretty bad mood (sad, pissed, etc) this morning, wondering how in the world I could maintain my goal weight once I reached it, wondering if I’m wasting all this time and effort for something I won’t be able to maintain.

Well, I brought strawberries for breakfast this morning, and one of my managers commented that it was a lot. I so wanted to tell him that an ENTIRE carton of strawberries has the same calories as two DRY pieces of toast, which is still only 1/10th of the daily calories my weight LOSS diet allows, but that would have been more information than his thoughtless, awkward comment was worth. So instead, I just said “Yup, tasty.” and hoped he would leave quickly. He’s probably eating a breakfast that equals 6 times what I’m having, and yet society thinks it’s just fine that he has a flop belly… jerk.

SO pissed at the world, today. Feel like crying and/or scratching someone’s eyes out. Any volunteers?


29.6 =/


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