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Disabled Vets

will have a truck in my area next Wednesday. Must get bags of items to the curb that morning. I would put them out the night before but I have this one neighbor who has “shopped” among my curbside donations in the past during the night even though the items were clearly marked for the vets. I don’t want that to happen again.

Not so sure I want to call this "charity"

This week I donated items that were a combination of personal comfort items that I had purchased and some “like new” items that I had around my house (photo frames/albums) to the local veterans’ hospital. I’m glad to give what I can to help those who have served my country.

Well, didn't quite make this one

I had bags and boxes ready to go to the curb for pickup by AMVETS but did not get them out before going to work this morning. Instead I ended up trying to give one of my cats an unscheduled bath just before heading out the door. She was not at all appreciative, naturally. It may have been unnecessary but I wasn’t sure what she had gotten into and did not want her to ingest it while cleaning herself. Never underestimate a cat’s ability to find something to get into.

Oh, well. I have the donations ready and AMVETS will most likely come around next month. In the meantime, I’ll continue going through things and set aside more things to donate.

Tomorrow's Opportunity

The AMVETS mailed a bag to me this week and will be picking up curbside donations tomorrow. I have three bags and a couple of boxes of items to put out at my curb for donation tomorrow morning. I’m sure I can put together more things tonight to have ready tomorrow. I’m really bad about getting up early to do this, but I need to get the things out of my house and into the hands of people who can use them.

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