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drink more water

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3 weeks! I'm set :)

I’m happy with my progress and I feel great! Keep drinking [water] and don’t quit!!


One week...

Well with the exception of juice, milk or lemonade I have only had water for a week straight. Well okay I had two beers this weekend…but as for “snack drinks” like pop and coffee…no more. I did this once before and I cut caffeine out almost completely so cutting out pop (mostly sprite and mt. dew) wasn’t too tough. I am drinking a ton more water and I find myself asking for water when I am at home and when I go out to eat.

Two tips:
1) one, if you find yourself hungry for a snack…try drinking water. Most of the time your body is thirsty not hungry. After a glass of water you might find that you are not hungry at all.
2) two, (potty talk! haha) the Zen monks talked about how important water was to diet and the regular use of the bathroom [pee people…pee] because it helped rid the body of impurities. They strived for a “pale yellow” color all the time. I read almost the same thing in a health magazine recently.

keep up the work!!

working it...

So far this week I have not had any pop and only substituted milk and juice for water a few times…I feel like a million bucks! :)

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