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reduce overall consumerism by making goods out of recycled materials

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Paper Earrings

I am making recycled collage postcards and recycled paper earrings (instead of acetylene and lamination and lacquer, I decided to use that wonderful thing called tape). What’s with the recycling? I work with jewelry and precious stones, and yet I know that mining is quite possibly the most environmentally destructive human industry, second only to war. So the impetus for me is to move away from stones and into recycled products.

My recycled paper earrings have three ovals cut from a Currier and Ives 1860 lithograph “Central Park in Winter”;this wasn’t a deliberate choice; I was just so excited to make the earrings that I grabbed the first magazine in the house, and it turned out to be The Smithsonian which we were going to recycle anyway. I just wanted to see if the tape would work, and it did! Next time I’ll certainly keep an eye out for possible recycled paper materials.

If you’re still confused what I mean by “paper earrings”, look below. They aren’t the same design (mine aren’t as cute, as mine are more of the dangling chandelier kinds), nonetheless these matryoshka paper doll ones from Etsy are adorable:
And look, these are made out of paper coils! I’m so awed by people’s creativity.
I also read about this designer in Vancouver who made paper earrings out of children’s book illustrations (like from Clever Castle of Nest). I don’t know if I want to cut children’s books though. Still am too afraid a librarian is going to burst out of nowhere and berate me.

The great thing about recycled paper earrings (aside from, you know, saving the environment and everything)? Knowing that no one else in the planet has earrings like yours. Unless somebody went through the trouble of cutting out the exact same pattern from the same paper. Which would be nothing short of a miracle.

When I’m going to be a future commercial consumer, I want my furniture, my clothes, and my accessories to be self-made, and preferably recycled. Instead of spending time making money in order to buy these things, why don’t I just cut to the chase and instead spend time making these things? My mother says, “Economics and cost-benefit analysis”, but let’s face it: for me, shopping isn’t quite as fun as actually creating.

Not to mention that deep down, I’m a really really cheap person.

Besides, I totally want like +2355645631 hippie karma points.

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