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The origin of baddins

Making up your own words is a spontaneous and natural way to make your world of meaning a better place to live in.

Using the term “baddins” started when I got a kitten. She would do “bad” mischevious little things all of the time. Mewling, and miserable I wuold find her wrapped up in the fly paper hanging under the kitchen sink. Or when her first collar became a mouth-keeper-opener exposing me to the horrible sight of a cat with stalagtites of cat drool hanging from her trapped mouth. My first thought was: Puck is a bad cat. But that didn’t seem totally accurate. Really, She was lovable, and adorable but just a little bit bad.

So I added an -ins to the end of the word bad to make a diminutive form of the word. To soften it.

Hence baddins.

Owners are alot like their pets. I do stuff that’s just a little bit “bad” all the time. Like ocassionally bounce checks, and get parking tickets. I’m not full on bad. Just baddins.

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