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Everything is a little clearer now and my head is a lot lighter without all these silly guys occupying it.

It seems the friend of a friend was only after one thing… I never saw him to confirm it, but then, after turning down his late night invitation never to be heard from again, thats the impression I was left with. Im not upset, I just expected better from him.

As for my “best friend”... where do I start. My feelings toward him are, non-existent. When I saw him a couple weeks ago, it was just as it was before this whole debacle. It was so weird, not feeling anything for him anymore. In a way I feel betrayed, not just by how cowardly he acted with this situation but betrayed by my own feelings. Why did they have to appear in the first place? Did I imagine it all? When I look at him now, theres nothing there, not even a hint of lust or anything more than friendship. I dont get it however Im not upset by it either… I just wish it never occurred. But on the upside, I feel that its given me a definitive answer to a question that would have forever haunted me.

Would we be good together?

Everyone; friends, family, always encouraged me to look at him and it was always in the back of my mind… I could imagine how good a boyfriend he’d be to someone, I always appreciated how well we got on, hes a lot of girls idea of a ‘hunk’ so why didnt I fancy him and I always felt that if only I did, we’d have a great future. How terrible I was for not returning his feelings. But look what came of it. All of my questions have been answered so now I know Im not missing out on anything. If I never meet someone even by the time Im 60, I wont look back and say ‘what if Id given us a chance, my life would be so different’ because I tried, however briefly and realised we are better off just friends.


is my middle name.

This is possibly the longest time Ive gone without writing an entry about love. I guess Ive had other things occupying my mind and have tried to remain more relaxed about the whole thing.

Ive recently been back in touch with a guy Id been chatting to on a dating site over a year ago… he was really nice but when the feelings toward my friend started to develop, I felt guilty chatting to him. I know, I had no reason to… we’d never met let alone dated, but I needed to figure out where my head was at and during the time it just felt kinder not to string him along. Anyway, he is an awesome guy and one Im glad to have a second chance at getting to know. The only thing is, in all this time, he hasnt seriously attempted to meet up. Im trying to be patient but all I can do is hope Im not being catfished.

On top of that, a guy Id met through friends got in touch with me out of the blue. He is lovely but acts like we’re more familiar with each other than we actually are… having only met him a couple times, he asked me over to his house. This instantly brought my guard up and I may have offended him by admitting I wasnt comfortable with that scenario… but Im still interested in getting to know him if he’ll give me time.

Annnnd, then theres the best friend, who is still a friend. We hung out recently and it was nice. Im glad, relieved, lucky it hasnt ruined things between us.

But all these instances have me wondering why so many guys feign interest in me but don’t actually want to take things further..? I still can’t figure out where Im going wrong.

I think

Im going to retire this goal for a little while, but first I thought Id post an update of where I currently stand with everything.

That weekend I spent moping about was definitely a pivotal point in the whole best friend saga. Even though I suggested meeting up on his return from his birthday break, Ive yet to hear from him… and to be perfectly honest. Im so over it, I couldnt care less.

Thats not something friends do, and its definitely not something someone who wants to be with you would do.

Ive gotten to point now that i dont know if I even want someone like him in my life anymore. Its certainly an INFJ thing that I tend to do quite often with people I feel have betrayed, let me down or simply reveal they dont share my morals, I decide to cut them out and move on. Of course, months down the line I reevaluate the situation, feel guilty or unjustified and end up reaching out again but for now, I can say that I wont be the one to make the first move regardless of whether he knows it or not. He has revealed a lot about himself, a whole side I obviously wasnt subjected to before and I dont like it. I dont want to be with him and I dont know if a friendship can be salvaged.

What this has done though, is taught me a lot about myself and relationships and now I feel more ready to share myself with the right person, especially as its a little clearer now, what kind of guy that might be.


Say something, I’m giving up on you.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you.
Anywhere I would have followed you.
Say something, I’m giving up on you.

Me and love.
Me and him.

I was excited for weeks… my best friends birthday was coming up and as I’d only seen him once (briefly) in months I thought it’d be a nice excuse to hang out. I even bought him a present (something I’ve never ever done) and was planning on baking him some cakes (something Ive always promised one day Id do). I asked him what he had planned and it sounded like it would be another day of work and family and not much else.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I messaged him on the day to hear he wasnt even in the country. Someone (male? female?) had taken him away.

Id been holding on, hoping that this would be the chance to see him, to see how things are, to see where things might go. Instead, I moped around listening to the above song, the lyrics of which are so fitting now.

I just dont get it, how could things have turned out this way. Why did he encourage me to develop feelings for him if he doesnt want me. So now all I have is this gift for him here, a reminder of how foolish I’ve been. I give up.


I’d managed to put everything to the back of my mind for the most part… communication with my best friend is few and far between since he’s so busy and Ive tried to ignore that niggle in the pit of my stomach.

But my sister decided to put on a show today… ‘friendzoned’, and asked me if my best friend had ever admitted to having feelings for me. I shrugged it off without giving a definitive answer but everyone knows he has.

What noone knows is the state of things now. Half watching the show brought it allll back. The point of the show was for bestfriends to go about admitting their true feelings for one another… the results? Rejection. Friends that never spoke again. Friends that dated for a couple weeks then decided to stay friends. Friends that got together. And friendships that turned awkward.

The more of the show I saw, the worse I felt. You cant predict how things will work out but by the looks of it, going from friends to more doesn’t guarantee a great future.

Another entry

Not that there has been any development.

But I do kind of feel like I deserve this, you know… karma, what goes around comes around. I spent years insisting on being friends, nothing more… and now I can begin to understand how he must have felt.

Que sera, sera...

We finally had time to hang out. This is only the second time in as many months that we’ve spent time together, and even though we don’t talk as often as before, when we do its comfortable and fun and natural as always.

Before I left though, I braved it and brought up the subject of “us”. My thoughts were kind of confirmed… as much as I like to believe that we do possibly want to give things a go, its all come at the wrong time.

Theres not anything I can do or say that will make this all work out. Whatever will be, will be.

Its all happening

just how I wished it wouldn’t.

We’re both busy and he has no time for me… when Im alone, have nothing to do or simply walking down the street, my mind wanders and it all comes back to this.

Me and him. This relationship or lack thereof. The fact that I feel so rejected weighs heavily on my heart.

That I let down the walls for him, the carefully constructed barrier that seemed to dissolve around him is now reenforced. Stronger.

Im numb to it. Indifferent. In a way, I expected it… it all seemed too easy- the idea of love being within my grasp. The comfort of someone else’s company. The plans you both have that seem to interlock with each others.

And with a blink of an eye, its all gone.

That thing about me...

So, I found out the reason my best friend has been semi distant with me about this whole getting together thing for the past few weeks. I’ve never mentioned it on here before but Im a virgin and when we departed down the romantic road, I told him because I wanted to be open and he was the last person I expected to see it as a problem. And in fact, his response at the time was great… a little too great I suppose.

I guess, the fact that most girls lose it in their early teens means that apparently, to guys… at my age its equal to having the plague. Most, if not all the guys Ive seen romantically in the past have lost interest around the time theyve found out. I know its something theyd surely find out or realised themselves eventually so I never see any point in trying to deceive them.

But now I dont know where this leaves us…

Do I regret telling him? Yes. Do I think I was right to tell him? Yes.

Best Friends for..?

Okay, the main reason I write these entries is because I havent shared any on this with anyone else and it allows me to get it all out without taking it out on the person in question. By writing it down, I can see where Im being paranoid or overly sensitive. Plus, I try not to let people see self-conscious, unsure side of me… Id like to give of this air of being selfassured and confident. But in love I am not those things… although I am trying.

So anyway. This whole situation with my bestfriend is niggling me… Im trying to ignore it but it really does seem like hes not interested in pursuing anything with me anymore. He hasnt said anything of that sort, but when I saw him last he seemed cold/distant and we havent communicated much since.

If thats the case, Id just like to know so I can move past it… for someone that has wanted something more from the offset of our relationship, itll hurt if it turns out that now his feelings are reciprocated, he doesnt care.

It took so much for me to finally admit my feelings, not only to him but to myself. Ive let down so many walls throughout the years that he’s seen the truest version of me than anyone… for him not to want me after all that, for him to think Im not what he wants in a girlfriend like he hasnt had enough time to realise, thats what will hurt the most to hear.

I dont want to fall for him if its not going to last, and if we end up going back to being ‘just friends’ (even though it hardly feels like things have changed) than i really dont think it will be the same.

So Im trying to keep myself occupied with other things, Im just so confused.

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