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watch the Indians make it back to the World Series

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as of tonight we’re 3-6 tonight starts a series against the White Sox
7:05 start tonight
4:10 tomorrow :) I’ll be there!
1:05 Sunday


so as long as we have Chris Perez is on the team we’ll never make it there! thanks a lot jerk off…

2-5 is our record right now…


We have an off day today, tomorrow is game 2 against the White Sox at 8pm Eastern time :) GO TRIBE!


Opening Day 2010

Indians vs White Sox :( we lost 6-0 we had a pretty good Spring Training, but you wouldn’t have guessed that with the game today, now I’m not as sad that I missed all but the last 2 innings…


definitely not this year since we like to trade away everything that matters to the team except Grady…bye Cliff, bye Victor hope you guys have successful careers and crush the Indians when you face them if you do….stupid Indians management…fuck them…


Grady came back off the DL yesterday and had a decent game :) he was 2 for 5 with a single and a 2rbi triple and an awesome catch in center :) so I’m hoping now that our guys are coming back we’ll be able to get back on track again!


I highly doubt this is our year, only because of all the injuries we have now…Travis is out, Grady might have to have surgery, AC is now out, Victor is in and out with his injury, Jake’s still out, Betancourt just went on the DL, Aaron Laffey, Scott Lewis, and Anthony Reyes…the list keeps getting bigger and bigger…but 3 of our All-Stars are on the DL…that’s not going to get us anywhere!


we’re 21-28 now….only 6.5 games out of first and we actually just swept a team, and won 4 in a row…wow! I told everyone I didn’t lose confidence in them…they just had a rocky start…it happens!


ok we’re making a comeback….we’ve gotten a lot of good games in, yes we’ve lost some of them, but it just proves our offense and pitching are coming back together…like when we won the 10-0 game by coming back and scoring 11 runs 7 in the bottom of the 9th with 6 scored with 2 outs…yeah…we have a chance still, don’t rule us out yet.



so we were doing good for a bit, we were able to get 4 1/2 back from first and we were on the verge of being 3 1/2 back and then we blew it and loss 3 straight…we had a chance to get back up in there and pass up the White Sox and not be in last but I seriously don’t get what the hell our problem is…last night it was totally the umpires and if you don’t believe me ask anyone who watched the game, they will tell you we got cheated on 4 different calls…I won’t even go on about the entire series how many times we got bad calls but whatever…we really need to get this stuff under control. We’re off today, but tomorrow we go and play the Royals, and if we can win the series or better yet sweep them…we’ll be making some big ground!

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