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Quit Target

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This is my 3rd interview…I’ve turned down 2 job offers because well let’s face it, if I’m losing my insurance it better be for something more than $200 every two weeks. I mean yeah I’m not getting hours right now, but I still have insurance, and good stuff too. I’m really hoping this Friday the interview goes well, they offer me a good amount, and I can find insurance to switch to. Here goes nothing…


I may be doing this one really really soon :) but I’m kind of sad in a way…I’ve been there so long that it’s going to be weird leaving…


I can’t believe all the crap that this one person started and now they turned around and said it was all me starting the crap…Uh why don’t you do your fucking job and there won’t be any problems…But whatever, it should be more peaceful without her talking to me…But seriously I need out of there…


well now I’m really not in a hurry to leave Target. I just started dating a co-worker and well it’s more time together. But since I don’t get many hours as is, it won’t be too much of a problem. :) but good thing is we were taking it slow so for 4 months it was harmless flirting, then we got serious. So yeah I’m not leaving Target anytime soon :)


since things are getting a bit better, I’m not in a hurry to leave again…but I swear if things start going back to the way they were I’m quitting on the spot, I have to I can’t let them bring me down.


my grandfather passed away and I had to take time off because my family lives in West Virginia, so I needed the rest of the week off last week and my manager copped an attitude with me both times I had to call. It really pissed me off, someone dies that I was close to, and they get pissed off with me? How dare they do that. I really need to find me something else.


now that they have finally listened to us, Steven might get his job back, they’re working on getting rid of Roslyn, and we feel a million times better….so this one isn’t as bad as it was….but I’d still like to find a better job.

That's it!

Ok up until now I’ve taken all the bull shit, but last night with Steven quitting, now that’s the final straw, I need a better job and I need to get out of there….and how dare they pretend that Steven and I aren’t friends and using my name to go against him, like he wasn’t going to tell me what they said? Are you serious? Whatever, we all know the truth, Roslyn has been out to get Steven since she got back there, and she finally broke him :( I wish he could have held in there longer until he had a back up plan :( poor Steven, but now it’s time to make Target pay! I need to get me a new job, Courtney needs to get one too, and then we both need to be like FUCK YOU TARGET! and walk out together. Then they’ll really be screwed over!

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