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feel utterly comfortable being alone

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dadadada...i'm lovin' it! ;)

I have watched this video maybe 4 or 5 times. it is so amazing. A friend suggested it to me my first year of college when i was feeling extremely lonely as opposed to my comfortably loneliness now, lol. I watch it and i smile because all the things the pot lists are things i would enjoy doing alone and finding possibly more things. How to be Alone-

be my own best friend

I started reading this book today called ” i don’t know what i want but i want to be happy” and the thought came to my head that i need to be my own best friend. Instead of the old saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” i need to to “treat myself the way I want to be treated.” I need to be gentle and patient with myself, and think objectively when evaluating and reflecting on my own life, and give the same advice i would give to a friend. Why this entry is under this goal i don’t remember…


this morning i’m going bicycling at the park,and relax while reading revolutionary road, and finishing think on these things.

saw a movie

On Friday I saw the movie, The Art of Getting By alone. It was really simple, but beautiful. I definitely identified with Freddie Highmore’s character. It was so nice to feel comfortable by myself.


It is a great achievement, in my opinion, to get to that point in your life where you love yourself so completely in the same way that people value loving others, that the presence of another is only an added enjoyment and not a necessity. I am steadily approaching this point. I’ve eaten at restaurants by myself,and at first felt a little awkward, but then kinda settled into my skin. I plan on going to the beach by myself, or to the park alone. We should learn to enjoy ourselves, we’re all we truly have, anyway.

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