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Try or learn something new once a week

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pilates !

I enjoyed the class. It was very relaxing, and reminded me of yoga. Takes a lot of control, but was really nice since there were only 2 students.


i’d like to learn how to really visualize my future. i think it would be very helpful in having direction for my life and making better plans to get me there.

exercise and independence

i tried a cardio sculpting class, very challenging and i learned more about jamaica and trinidad’s 50th anniversary both coming up in august of this year and where people saw the countries going and the potential they both have.

Feb 9 linguistic anthropologist lecture

I learned about communication in a town hall meeting between constituents and speaker. It was interesting to see discourse analyzed as well as gestures.


Don’t know what i want to do for this week… Any ideas, anyone??

Ice skating

Was really fun. At the beginning i was so proud of myself for only falling once. But by the second hour i fell around 5 or 6 more times. I wish i had a camera to capture the falls, they were spectacular!! This is something i will do again.


tomorrow i’m going ice skating!! i’m sure i’ll fall many times before i get it.:)


This gives me an opportunity to do what i love to do-learn!!
I just have to see what new things i should try…

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