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Went for a walk and run today…it seemed like the air has cleared up, but I heard it would take about 10 days before it would be safe to spend a long period of time outdoors again. The air didn’t seem as refreshing as usual during the beginning of my run, so I just walked the rest. Today I created an exercise goal to workout every day for at least a month. Hopefully I’ll carry it out…

air quality

I borrowed a Yoga with Weights book, so I could start on my yoga goal and do something else with my free weights. I also borrowed a guide to fitness book because I do enjoy reading about health and it helps keep me motivated. Also, once the smoke and ash clear up, I’m going to continue working out outdoors again. I can’t wait to breathe in fresh air…


I was doing very well with exercising more, but this passed week threw my schedule off. I did meet an Ironman during that time though and that’s enough motivation for me to start up again…


I went on an insane walk/run today. It took a lot of patience, time, and mileage. I was a little disoriented afterwards…I’m glad to be back in civilization (for now). I actually planned this route for a while, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be until I accomplished it.


I almost made today a rest day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about going for a run. This is one of my favorite running videos on youtube.


I’ve been running, walking, and doing my other usual exercises daily. My endurance is up again (I’m still trying to improve though) and I feel happy…


I exercised every day this passed week. There were days when I didn’t want to because pretty much all of those days were very hot. I knew that exercising will be more beneficial than not doing any, so I used that as motivation. I also knew that I can take a nice cold shower and drink some very cold water afterwards…

walk and hike

I did a lot of walking and hiking the last couple of days. My legs are very sore, especially my thighs because of all the hills. I’m going to try and make today a rest day, but I do want to check out City Fest today which I know will definitely involve a lot of walking…


I’ve been exercising regularly for about 3 weeks now and it has gotten much easier (not getting out of breath quickly). When I first started running again, I felt a little self-conscious because I wasn’t running like I used to. I got over it though because I just started to think that everyone around me is just trying to accomplish the same things by exercising (running, jogging, or walking) to get healthy. Everyone has to start (or restart) somewhere…


I was suffering from insomnia for a bit, but I’m sleeping much better now that I’m exercising a lot again.

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