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do more yoga

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I have started going to a different studio and am really liking it. I still think I will do Bikram sometimes, but the flow yoga is really helping me to build arm strength and I like that quite a bit. I also like the community feel of the studio quite a lot.

both mornings!

Ok, so truth be told, I am not a morning person. Nope, not at all. So this is really what makes this super impressive. I went to yoga both Saturday and Sunday mornings!! Saturday morn. kicked my butt, but I had a strong class on Sunday.
(ok, ok, I had someone there encouraging the attendance but still, I am proud of myself!:))


Ok, so I went to this great yoga studio down in Portland yesterday and took a Power Vinyasa class.
Holy crap, that thing kicked my butt!! I am definitely feeling it today! My abs are sore and my shoulders and trapezious(sp?) muscles are none too happy with me either. So yeah, ouch.
But it was a great class and I would do it again.

I'm a tree!!

Yeah! Today I did it for the first time. Stood in tree pose with both hands in front of me and my leg just there! Yeah!
So proud of myself!:)
Got to celebrate the small victories right?

three months

Well, this is a good sign. I signed up for a three month unlimited package to my yoga studio. Now I don’t have to worry about how many classes I have left or anything. Fewer excuses not to go!

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