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Enjoy my job

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Things have changed at work and now I can do a lot from home so that is just brilliant. I get peace and quiet and get to avoid lots of the office stuff I don’t like, for example commuting, wearing a suit, going to time wasting meetings and so on. I get to do the parts I enjoy. Very thankful for this. It has been almost a year and is working well so far – touch wood.

almost 2 years

more or less OK. I need to get my zen back.

still going well..

Been there a year now.


I think I’m doing quite well at this. I guess because I really don’t care about it any more. I go in, work reasonably diligently at my tasks and then go home and forget it until the next day. I find the tasks intellectually satisfying, the people are mostly nice and the pay is OK. I used to be in senior management and now I’m more of a hired gun or advisory role, which is more than fine with me.


I tidied up, my desk looks a lot nicer now. I spent the time to organise a few things that have been bugging me, so that is good.


Doing quite well at this


I want to make sure that I don’t get hung up on the trivial things and remember why I took the job in the first place

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