barbarino in Atlanta is doing 3 things including…

liver flush

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on my last day

I definitely plan to do this again. Last night, I was lying in bed after downing a half cup of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of epsom salts, and a dinner of whipped cream and berries—I could feel all sorts of crazy movement in my gall bladder/liver area. The stones literally get dissolved and removed by this process. Although there are many stones, and like follyforte mentioned, you probably need to do several flushes to get the maximum benefit.

Day 5

The liver flush is really a very easy procedure…I’m on day 5 with one more day to go!

i've started...

Today is day one…will keep you posted

The plan...

is to begin this Tuesday. It should take six days to finish (this version = 6 days). I just received several key ingredients (Phosfood, Cal Amo). Now, I need to purchase: 1 gallon apple juice, epsom salts, olive oil, bentonite liquid, heavy cream and berries. And straws for the apple juice (Phosfood is highly acidic for the teeth).

pains = not good

I felt a sharp shooting pain in the liver/gall bladder area earlier this afternoon…more evidence I need to do this asap. I found out where to purchase the Acid Calcium (Cal Ammo), part of the liver flush regimen. Asked my folks to purchase this and the Phosfood product (they get a wholesale discount) today…once I have these ingredients I’ll be able to get the rest of what I need and begin.

NEED to do this again

I know from previous blood tests that my Bilirubin count is too high. This is not optional for me, and I know it’s effective. A+ priority


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