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Ton of stuff

Ready or almost ready for this weekend! Gonna clear out some space, which will just be filled with Xmas presents within a month. Sigh

Good day

At Rrfm! The new people in charge are starting to get it together, kinda lol. They’re not very punctual, but they are starting to serve lunch again. So that was a nice surprise. Took three bags of stuff! Came home with a bag of clothes of course. But it’s stuff my kids can wear or I can use for projects. So it’s OK.


This weekend. If it’s not there, I’ll just Craigslist it again! Not that we have much this time, but it still needs to go!

of course

Rrfm wasn’t there. I guess because it was so hot. Idk. Starting to get frustrated and wanting to start my own thing. That’s wishful thinking though, I have no clue about how to get that kind of thing going.


RRFM tomorrow! I went through the girls closet and got two bags of clothes! I should do mine, but eh. Lol. Gotta save something for next month lol. Also got the rest of their toys, except their favorite stuffed animals, one playset. Don’t worry they still have books, art supplies, purses and plenty of junk (groan). Plus we had a box and small bag from before. I asked my friend to go with me, but she’s having a party tomorrow night, so I doubt she’ll go. I should ask again anyway, it’s not like it’s an all day thing.


My plans for that week never happened. :( I gotta reread that post and get motivated again. I wish I’d thought of that on spring break week when the kids weren’t here. Anyway, went to RRFM on Saturday. I almost missed it because it was a lot different. Seems like a new girl is in charge, there was no food, and people only brought clothes, so of course the kids had to pick up a bunch (I love having girls, but why do they have to be so girly!? lol) which really is OK, they’ll have a few “new” things for school this fall. But I still haven’t gotten to their closet, so maybe this weekend.

I'm finally getting serious about this...

I read this blog…

... and it totally opened my eyes. I’ve gotten rid of a lot already, but this time, I’m taking it to the extreme. I got rid of 70% of my kitchen stuff and I’m not even done yet. The kids have gotten rid of all their toys except their stuffed animals and a couple things they just got withing the last two months… they don’t know it yet, but on Monday, more is going. I’m even considering taking away their bed frames because of all the mess under the beds. My husband is fighting me on that, he’s also the one who talked me into letting them keep so many toys. And he’s the only one who hasn’t gotten rid of anything. That’s OK, Monday I attack the kids room, Tuesday I am definitely taking my day, but then I have Wednesday to go through his stuff. I hate to do it, but he has almost as much crap as the kids. Me, yeah, I’ve got crap too, but most of what I have and don’t use(besides the kitchen stuff) is in our room, so Wednesday I’ll get to it. But we actually got rid of it this time. No more storing it in the van until next time we make it to RRFM. I put a dumpster alert on Craigslist, so hopefully someone saw it. I know it’s still going to take time to get rid of everything, but we made real progress today, not this “oh, one more box” bs I’ve been doing for over a year! Wow, I owe that blogger so much! She finally made me realize what this actually meant. Sometimes it’s weird how you can want something before you really know what it is…


So frustrated that RRFM wasn’t there! Idk what to do with this stuff. I don’t want to take it to a thrift store, they’ll just charge twice what its worth (eye roll)... What do I do with stuff I don’t want? It’s really not enough to post on Craigslist, although, I suppose for free someone would take it. I used to leave stuff out by the dumpster and someone would always pick it up, but they rearranged how the area is set up and that’s not really a good idea anymore. I suppose tomorrow is Sunday and a holiday, none of the office people will be here. Idk.


Another Saturday it was too wet for RRFM, plus we were busy (again) anyway! Stuffs still sitting…


it’s all ready to go. Unfortunatly, it’s raining again this week, so rrfm will probably be cancelled unless the weather really turns around and dries up by Saturday. Hope so, but not holding my breath. In the meantime, I’ve got boxes an bags clttering up our space. Maybe I should just post on Craigslist. Free, just get it out of here. Or I could even go through it again and see what I can reuse. I actually can think of a few things I could put to use.

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