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This whole tryin to lose weight is soo hard i feel like im at war with myself and im not sure if weighing every week is the way to go about things cus if i think i had a good week and the numbers are not so good it really makes me wanna give up… tho i vow not too not this time not ever..does anyone have any advice for me?? thanks!


so i weighed on saturday and this week i lost 2 pounds which i think is great so i guess we will see what happens this week gonna work hard to lose more!!!:D


I am a 22 year old single mother and as long as i can remember ive had a huge problem with my weight.Like alot of people i have tried over and over to lose weight but when i do i always seem to gain it back…so this time i am gonna try my hardest to stick with it and keep goin down instead of goin up…my current weight is first task is to just get down to 200 that would be a huge deal for me…i’ll keep posting weekly i weigh myself once a week on a saturday so i will post then.:)

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