Beaulotus has been away for a long time in Modena is doing 36 things including…

lose weight

9 cheers


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Beaulotus has been away for a long time has written 4 entries about this goal

10 to go

I am going to start Pilates again next Tuesday evening. And continue with aqua jogging every Tuesday morning. And go shopping every day if I can spare the time :-).

12 to go

I’ve lost 3 kgs last week, simply by skipping dinner.

It’ll be tough keeping this up with X’mas and the NY coming up, but I’m going to try to stick to the diet plan.

Hopefully I’ll be able to attack the last 12 kgs seriously in 2007.


I am still fat.

15 to lose

Have gained 15 kgs in 3,5 years.

Will have to lose them or throw out the wardrobe.

Beaulotus has been away for a long time has gotten 9 cheers on this goal.


I want to:
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